Sport is an important social inclusion tool. Besides the physical benefits, sports practice ignites  social development in those who practice. The Compassiva Association operates a sports project as it believes that sport is an instrument which can be used for the teaching of values such as respect and love for one another, communion and the sense of collectivity.

The project offers free jiu-jitsu lessons for young people and adults. Jiu-jitsu works as a means of bonding between those who attend and as a social integration strategy. Despite of being an individual activity, there is a need fora partner in martial arts. There is also the importance of one being needed to attend the next class, in other words, it teaches interdependence. Yet while it is a fight, the goal is not to hurt one another butonly to practice, and, just as in other sports, people from completely different backgrounds and with different stories come together for sports practice and act like a team, a big family.

It is not only martial arts, but other popular sports in Brazil, such as football, are in the project. Football too, can play an important role in the teaching of social interaction. There are 11 players in each team with 22 people on the field.Here the collectivity required in every athletecreates situations where they can depend on each other.

To think about sports with the word collectivity coming to mind is nearly impossible. without a doubt practice of sport has the power to join people. Kids, teenagers and adults have the opportunity to interact with each other in a genuine way, respecting one another wether on a fighting ring or on a football field and carrying that respect for life.

Project activities:
Jiu-jitsu lessons – Tuesdays at 1:30pm, at Compassiva’s headquarters (900 Gloria street – Liberdade).
Coordination: André Leitão –

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