After inspecting their destroyed homes two men, Naim and Radhi, walk away from the Wadi Al-Sayeh neighbourhood in the Old City of Homs, Syria.
The fighting stopped in the Old City in April 2014 and since then a small number of residents, around 2000, have returned to the area. UNHCR is providing humanitarian aid to the majority of people in Homs and rural Homs with food, core relief items, shelter, protection services, health, education and psycho-social support. One of the biggest challenges facing the returnees is rebuilding their homes in old Homs and Hamediyeh, a project supported by UNHCR. ; Homs has been witness to some of the worst fighting of the Syrian conflict and the Old City district now lies in ruins. An estimated 2000-3000 people have returned to old city of Homs after years of displacement.



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